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We understand you may have questions about your new hair or skincare product. Don't worry, we have got you covered. Still have questions? Feel free to use our Wix chat below!

  • How do I use my Body Butta's?
    Our body Butta's are you official replacements for your lotion! There are two ways you can enjoy our Butta's. You can heat up the Butta in your hands and massage it into your skin, or directly apply it to your skin. We do suggest using your new Butta after every shower while your skin is slightly damp. This will increase moisture retention.
  • How will I know my Butta is melting?
    Our Butta's contain a good amount of shea butter which has high melting point of about 80°, so our skin-loving Butta's will naturally melt into your skin. If you notice your Butta has slightly melted, don't worry, this doesn't mean your product is damaged; simply store it in a cool area, maybe a quick pop in the fridge for a quicker solidification.
  • How do I use my Skin Food Facial Oil? Won't it break me our since it has oil?
    Our Skin Food Facial Oil is hypoallergenic so it won't cause any skin irritations due to alcohols & frangrances!* The Skin Food helps fight acne because of its anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it'll simlutaneously promote skin cell reproduction, boost collagen formation, nourish your skin— overall encouraging your skins health, You may use this product twice daily on clean skin, and only requires about 4 drops, or your personal preference!
  • Is the Beard & Scalp Soufflé only for men?
    No! Our Beard & Scalp Soufflé is an amazing hair moisturizer and scalp rub to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth for men & women! Be mindful, a little will certainly go a long way. You can heat up our Beard & Scalp Soufflé in your palm or fingers and work it through while your hair is wet as a leave in treatment & moisturizer. Work thoughrougly through dry hair to boost your shine! Oh, and ladies, this is the official green light to use your man's jar!
  • Do my products contain and alcohol or artifical frangrances?
    Absolutely not*. We take pride in our products containing 100% natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. *Excluding Holy Water Hand Sanitizer*
  • What are these black specks in my Butta?
    No need to worry, it's not dirt...or bugs. Since shea butter is a main ingredient in our Butta's you can expect to see small specks of the shea seeds. They are not harmful to your skin.
  • Bye bye SPF?
    Don't throw away your sunblock just yet. Our Body Butta's do contain a natural SPF, but not as high as recommended by dermatologists. Sorry, you can't throw your SPF away because our Butta's do NOT replace sunblock. Especially during the summertime, make sure to apply sunblock to exposed areas to protect your skin for harmful UV rays.
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